Welcome to the IAA

Airsoft in its modern day form started back in the early 80s in Asia.

today there are thousands of players comprising thousands of different teams throughout the world.

Airsoft is a combat tag sport similar to paintball, except that the projectiles leave no actual mark upon impact.

Airsoft devices fire a 6mm spherical plastic pellet which typically weighs 0.2grams and is commonly referred to as a “BB”.

This BB does not leave a mark on impact with the target, hence the sport operates on an honour basis.
That is to say, that when you are shot you raise your arm in the air, shout “HIT!”, and proceed to follow the directions for getting hit as determined by the game scenario and set out in the brief given at the start of the game.

The IAA is a volunteer-run organisation who lay down guidelines for retailers, venues and players in order to ensure that the sport continues to grow and is enjoyed in a safe and responsible manner.

You can sign up to the IAA as an individual member at http://signup.irishairsoft.ie/ — Individual membership subscription is 10 euro per year.

If you are an Airsoft business and wish to become an IAA affiliate, please contact us at [email protected]