A Statement from the IAA Committee in Response to the Irish Times Online Article

By on December 31, 2012

RE: http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/breaking/2012/1225/breaking6.html

The IAA Committee expects more from the Irish Times, the IAA has met with reporters from that paper in person and over the phone many times and after listening to the sports side of the story has resisted negative tabloid sensationalist headlines in the past.

As they state themselves [QUOTE]”It’s a slow news day, so we’re reduced to this: US rapper Kanye West announced at a concert last night that he and his girlfriend Kim Kardashian are expecting their first child.“[/QUOTE] So I am putting this down to desperation on the part of the editors for content, and not a tabloid style campaign like we have seen in the past from other publications.

The article is a general statement on customs activities in the whole, with a focus of dangerous items. From an initial read, they are cross connecting 2 topics, illegal importation of firearms and Airsoft which are completely unrelated and a shameful attempt at grabbing headlines or a demonstration of ignorance of the facts. Technically a hot Airsoft device is an illegal firearm, but the cross connection with real AK-47’s etc is irresponsible in respect of a small sport, and the reaction this can evoke towards our sporting devices.

The IAA will be reaching out to the online editor for a discussion on this article and expressing our disappointment that no attempt was made to contact the IAA for comment or fact checking on this topic. Device tagging is not supported by the Government or the retail community as a whole.

Publications must be held to a high editorial standard when commenting on our sport, the IAA will continue to do this.

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