AGM Announcement

By on December 6, 2007


An email has been sent around to everyone eligible for a vote (the ones we had an email address for anyway).

Please be aware, if we have not received your application form or your application form is incomplete you will not be admitted to the AGM.

If you believe we have received your application form but you have not received an email please contact us through the website.

Please be aware of the public and visual perception of Airsoft. DO NOT bring Airsoft equipment to the meeting. DO NOT arrive in fatigues, combat gear, camouflage uniforms etc. Anyone found to be in contravention of this prohibition will be refused admission and their membership may be reconsidered.


PS: A number of the email addresses we do have seem to be inactive, so if you haven’t received the group email regarding the AGM and you have sent in your membership details, please get in touch with us ([email protected])

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