…and we’re live!!

By on November 21, 2007

Hello World!… 😛

Right, we’re here, we’re online, and we’re hoping to have the place looking better real soon. (Mega thanks to Dr. Pepper for stellar work so far.) The irishairsoftassociation.com address should also be getting redirected to here but for those of you who are placing a link for here on your own pages, irishairsoft.ie is the one to use for now.

In other news, for those who didn’t already know, we were on air with Spin 103.8FM there last thursday. A very kind thanks to them for having us on and genuinely looking for information on the sport as opposed to trying demonise it.

Also, for those who are concerned, the IAA AGM will be held in the next 4 weeks. The venue is provionally decided on, but may change in the next few days so I’ll wait until it’s actually set in stone before posting it here. For those down the country, unfortunately, it will be in Dublin – but, it’ll be in the city centre and a mere stroll from all major tranportational hubs.



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