Appointment of IAA Public Relations Officer and Web Administrator

By on August 13, 2012

The Irish Airsoft Association is pleased to announce the appointment of Fabio Venturini to the role of Public Relations Officer and member of the executive committee, and Daniel O’Connor to the non executive role of Web Administrator.

As PRO, Fabio will act as the first point of contact for media enquiries and will also be responding to queries from players and the public, as well as working to promote the positive perception of Airsoft in the public eye.
Fabio has over ten years of experience in the print and online publishing industry and also handles communications for a number of other commercial and non-commercial enterprises. Fabio is also editor of SitRep Magazine and so has plenty of experience of promoting Airsoft as a hobby and a sport in this country.

Daniel O’Connor has been tasked with streamlining and managing the IAA’s online presence through the official IAA website, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ (an IAA Google+ page is in the pipeline and will take full advantage of all the features of Google+ which we feel will allow for some very exciting opportunities for community interaction). Daniel has a wealth of experience in community web administration, working in the gaming industry managing high-traffic community portals.

While Fabio, Daniel and a number of others have come forward to drive forward the work of the IAA over the coming months, it is important to remember that the IAA is an association for the entire Irish Airsoft community and it is the Irish Airsoft community which will make it work. If you would like to help out your assistance, time and effort will be greatly appreciated.

You can contact the IAA with your queries, comments or offers of support via messages to our Facebook page

via Twitter @IrishAirsoft

or by emailing us at [email protected]

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