Clarification on Incident in Finglas

By on July 16, 2009

A number of media outlets have been in contact for a statement regarding the recent incident in Cloonlara Drive in Finglas, where an An Post employee was shot with an ‘air rifle’ while delivering post in the area.

We have been in contact with the Garda press office, who have stated that no device has been recovered. However, the IAA would like to make clear that based on the description of the postman’s injuries as being a ‘nasty flesh wound’ and his hospital visit, we can state with certainty that this incident did not involve an Airsoft device.

An Airsoft device is incapable of penetrating even bare skin at point blank range or causing permanent damage to the unprotected eye. They use a small and light plastic pellet which is incapable of causing permanent injury, and are unable to fire heavier metal projectiles.

The device used in this assault would have to have been over the legal power limit of one joule, and would be classed as a firearm. An ‘air rifle’ of this kind would typically fire a lead or steel pellet or bullet, and require a license to own.

The IAA and all in the airsoft community utterly condemn all illegal acts committed against innocent people in the course of their jobs, especially gun crime. We wish the An Post employee involved a speedy recovery, and hope the individual responsible is caught and faces the full consequences.

We are available for further comment, please contact [email protected].

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