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By on January 15, 2009

The IAA wishes to congratulate Steven and Fiona of SE Airsoft, who will be holding the inaugural meeting of South East Airsoft Club on this Saturday, the 17th of January in New Ross. For more details, see our forum. This is a culmination of a massive effort on their part to secure land and interest, and we wish them the best of luck.

We recognise that Airsoft clubs are becoming an essential part of what will bring Airsoft to regions where people might be reluctant to open a commercial venue, and an essential element of the Airsoft community. We would like to invite any players in the southeast region to attend and consider joining.

The IAA will also be holding a meeting in New Ross on the same day, after the above meeting. We are in the process of drawing up Club Standards, in heavy consultation with existing club organisers and people interested in doing so in the future. We would invite anyone considering running an Airsoft Club in their area to attend, both to have your say on the guidelines that will be set out and to share advice and information with other club organisers.

We also invite those interested in joining the IAA, or those who wish to talk to us in person about anything to come along and have a chat.

Hope to see a good turnout,

The IAA Committee

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