HAPPY NEW YEAR – to our chinese community.

By on February 6, 2008

Festive greetings to our Chinese friends both on and off the skirmish field and to the manufacturers providing us with an ever more abundant range of toys for our respective collections. Keep up the good work!

In other news plans for an IAA league are in the works, we’re making progress on the establishment of a regional sub-committee in Cork and efforts are underway to get our own forum & chat room set up right here very soon. We are also hard at work trying to get insurance cover for our members and more info on this will be available hopefully soon.

We would also like to make it known that we are aware there has been a lack of contact on the playing field and we are seeking to rectify this issue – we genuinely haven’t had the time but we are hoping to establish some sort of arrangement between ourselves over the coming weeks which will mean that there will be a far more regular IAA presence on the field at HRTA and hopefully in the future, at G-Tac as well. It is doubtful we’ll all be able to get out at the one time but you have our word, we will be trying.


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