HRTA Birthday Game!

By on February 3, 2008

Sunday the 17th of February marks the One Year Anniversary of the opening of HRTA, to mark the occasion, the Irish Airsoft Association, in conjunction with Paul Carey (the owner of HRTA for those that dont know) are holding a charity day at HRTA on that day.

A full day’s game will be at the reduced rate of €20 (usually €25) and all proceeds from the day will go to Templestreet and Crumlin childrens hospitals..

Rentals will still be available on the day as usual, however rental costs will not be given to charity.

The IAA would like to thank Paul, Mel and all those who have made the last year at HRTA (old site and new) an excellent year for airsoft in Ireland and we wish you continued success in the years to come.

Hope to see you there on the day and throughout the year.

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