IAA Interim Update – November 2012

By on November 22, 2012

By way of keeping the membership informed of the ongoing work being done, the IAA executive committee would like to make the following report.

In addition to the day to day running of the association the IAA executive committee is currently undertaking the following tasks:

IAA website
A new website is currently being developed for the association which will achieve the important tasks of providing a resource of information for the membership and will also help to build a strong and vibrant brand for the IAA and so present a professional and credible image to the public and attract new membership. The website’s primary role will be the promotion of the sport to prospective new players, a tool that the community has been lacking.

Membership system
A new membership system is currently being tested and will be rolled out as soon as possible. This will be a more streamlined and comprehensive membership system which will remedy many of the problems which currently exist in the process of reconciling membership payments and keeping accurate records of membership statistics.

Much work has been done on the regularisation of the IAA’s finances and full financial details are being recorded for the last two years which will be reported to the membership once the job has been completed.

The Committee was delighted to receive an invitation from Whiskey Delta radio for on air interview. Stephen Fay was happy to oblige and the guys conducted a half hour interview on the history of the IAA and Airsofts legal position in Ireland, with particular attention to information for new players.

New visibility materials are being designed and membership registration forms are to be distributed to interested sites and retailers so as to facilitate the recruitment of new members as they are introduced to the sport. An advocate for the IAA has been appointed in the south wast of the country to promote the work of the association in that region. Those interested in assisting the IAA in their region should contact the committee at [email protected]

Membership backlog
The long standing issue with the IAA PayPal account has been resolved with the assistance of PayPal, and the backlog of outstanding memberships is being cleared. Membership cards are currently being printed and sent out.

Correctly set up PayPal account is setup and ready to ensure that the association is not in breach of any PayPal regulations in how it conducts its online payments system.

Administrative guide
A guide to the effective running of the association is being drawn up which will give detailed instructions on the running of the association for incoming committees so as to ensure the association can be run efficiently from the very beginning of the tenure of each executive committee.

Normal Association operations continue in the background along side the improvement project. Some areas covered lately include, laser legality query, importation questions, site requirements assistance, contact with the Garda and DoJ re importation clampdown, contact with the Garda press office re RIF related incident.

A committee meeting will be held within the next couple of weeks, at which a date will be set for the AGM and an announcement made. Nominations for new committee members will be sought at that time.

The IAA Executive Committee

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