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By on February 7, 2008

As mentioned in the latest IAA Update, membership subscriptions will come into effect on the 1st May 2008. Subscription fees will be €30 for individual members and €15 for junior members. This money will be used to cover the cost of running the association, a cost which has up to now been covered out of the pocket of the committee themselves and also by the generous support of our affiliates.

Our most pressing need at the moment is secure a P.O. box for the association to handle its correspondance. At the moment all such letters are delivered to a private residency. This will cost €229. In order to pay for this, I will begin collecting subscriptions from next week onwards at HRTA. The PayPal account ‘[email protected]’ has also been opened to accept online payments. Please include your full name when paying subscriptions online. I would urge those members who can afford to pay early to please do so. Facilities for cheque, postal order and account transfer payments will be put in place as soon as possible. All subscriptions collected will cover members for the period May 2008 – May 2009.

The association is here to work on the behalf of members, but we can’t do so without your support. So far we have:
– Established the associaton and ratified its constitution
– Established preliminary guidelines for sites and retailers
– Actively represented the sport in the media
– Represented Airsoft as a whole to the Department of Justice
– Begun talks with insurance companies to secure personal liability cover for airsoft players
– Contacted and will continue to contact retailers who sell illegal equipment and jeapordise our sport.
– Begun the task of setting up regional subcommittees to aid in communication with members, starting with the Cork Regional Subcommittee. The IAA is here to represent all airsoft players, not just those in Dublin.

In the future we hope to:
– Establish a marshal training and accreditation system
– Continue to represent the sport to the government and in the media
– Organise regular association events for members
– Establish a Dublin airsoft league this summer, followed by a national league as soon as possible.
– Publish the Irish Airsoft magazine “6MM” (eventually as a printed magazine)
– Establish an official IAA demonstration team to take part in events such as Toys for Big Boys and Salute!
– Organise and host international events

However, none of this can happen with the continuing support of Irish airsoft players, venues and retailers. I would urge those of you who want our sport to have a future to sign up as soon as possible and give us the support we need to work on your behalf.

Darragh O’Toole
Treasurer, IAA

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