Important information about membership applications

By on July 27, 2010

We require a supporting identification document (scan or photo of Passport, Driving Licence, National ID card, Garda Age Card, GNIB card or similar) as part of our membership application process.

This is used only to verify the name, age and photo of the applicant. We do not keep the supporting document on file.

We’ve always been very strict with the security of our member’s information, and in January 2010 we tightened up the process even more. The document is photographed, we remove* the serial number and then we upload it to our online membership system. Once the name, age and photo have been checked the original image or document provided by the applicant is destroyed.

As a further security precaution, we also removed* the serial numbers from all supporting ID images uploaded to our online membership system before January 2010. In the case of Driving Licences, both the document serial number and the Driver Number are deleted.

* Not blanked out, not fuzzed, not obscured. It’s deleted.

If you have any questions or comments about the application process, please email [email protected]

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