Joint Statement from IAA and IASRA

By on February 12, 2009

The IAA and IASRA wish to make the following statement.

It is in our best interests, and the interests of the sport as a whole, that we all work together to better Airsoft as an industry and a sport. The IAA has worked tirelessly in this regard and the new IAA committee have built on the work of the previous one to build bridges with those who may have had run-ins with us in the past.

The IAA and IASRA have met, and acknowledged that while both have made mistakes in their dealings with each other, and with other members of the community, reparations can always be made, and it is in our best interests to work together for the good of our sport.

However, people have expressed reservations at any merger between the two organisations, and the two committees recognise this. The IAA and IASRA will not be merging. We are still working on details, but the agreed-upon solution is the following.

– IASRA will become a chamber of commerce for Airsoft businesses, open to all Venues and Retailers, and with a committee elected of same.
– IASRA will have a non-commercial independent person, elected by the businesses, sitting as Chairperson on their committee. This chair will then have a position in the IAA to represent the businesses.

– IAA will remain the governing body for Airsoft in Ireland, with no amendments to constitution, activities or current committee members.

In the coming weeks, IASRA will hold an open meeting to devise a charter, and elect a new committee from the pool of all Airsoft businesses in Ireland. The IAA have offered their assistance in the setup of this meeting, and writing of the charter. This meeting will be open to all Airsoft businesses, and by its very nature will not be under the control of any one site or retailer. The committee will also consist of a representative who is not a commercial interest, in order to avoid any chance of collusion between members of the chamber of commerce in the form of price-fixing or other practices that may be unfair to Airsoft.

It is understood that for whatever reason, some players may not wish to join the IAA as individuals. IASRA recognises that the new IAA committee have done excellent work in building bridges long thought burnt, and endorses the new IAA committee as an organisation that has the best interests of Airsoft at heart, and have the ability to act as a governing and representative body. For a transition period, it is proposed that individual members may join IASRA, with the understanding that the IAA will act in their interests to represent them, Full IAA membership will still be required to vote at general meetings, under the terms of the IAA constitution. If members are unsatisfied with the IAA, they may appeal to IASRA for mediation. In this arrangement, the two organisations will work together, and keep each other honest in all dealings.

The IAA and IASRA realise that there is a lot of opposition from supporters of both organisations to working together and finding a solution that may require concessions from both sides. It is our opinion that a split of the community has already happened, and it is up to us to work together for the good of the sport and for the industry.

A lot of harsh words have been exchanged in previous days, weeks and months from supporters of both associations about the other, and we would ask people to consider their words carefully, and remember that they are representing their sport to outsiders and new airsofters.

The IAA and IASRA committees have come to an agreement that they will not support any acts of character assassination, rumour, hearsay or unconfirmed facts about any member of the Airsoft community. It is our hope that once IASRA has a well-defined charter as a commercial representation organisation and a committee fairly elected, that IASRA and the IAA can work together in the spirit of mutual respect that this community deserves, and endorse each other as legitimate and professional bodies.

Regards the IAA and IASRA

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