Lasers – A response from the DoJ

By on May 31, 2008

We recently published our stance on the legality of lasers with regard to the fitting of them to airsoft devices, we have also been in regular contact with the Department of Justice in an effort to get clarification on this. On the 29th May we received a response and have now been given permission to publish that response as below:

“We have reviewed the material sent in
by IAA, been out to an airsoft retailer and taken a look at the lasers, and
have contacted the technical section in Garda HQ. Following all that we
are today in a position to advise anyone making enquiries on the sale or
use of laser equipment in conjuction with airsoft that:

(i) Lasers of less than 5 milli Watts in the light frequencies of 630 to
680nm would not be
considered to be firearms in accordance with Section 1(d) of the Firearms
Act 1925 as amended. Accordingly, should you attach that strength of laser
to airsoft with a muzzle energy of less than 1 joule, the status of both
the laser and airsoft remain outside the definition of a firearm.

(ii) I draw your attention to Section 1(g)(i) of the Firearms Act 1925 as
amended which provides that the definition of a firearm includes;

(i) telescope sights with a light beam, or telescope
sights with an electronic light amplification
device or an infra-red device, designed to be fitted
to a firearm specified in paragraph (a), (b),(c) or (e),

Accordingly such (telescope sights with infra-red device, etc) should be
specifically designed only for use with non – firearms.”

A Discussion thread is available here


The IAA is a volunteer-run organisation who lay down guidelines for retailers, venues and players in order to ensure that the sport continues to grow and is enjoyed in a safe and responsible manner.

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