Metro Eireann this week

By on October 10, 2008

If you happen to find yourself near a stockist of the Metro Eireann newspaper, do yourself a favour and grab a copy (€1).

Highlighted on the front page and situated on p14 in the publication is a two page spread on Airsoft and the community which is has brought together, particularly our Filipino brothers, with great big pictures.

The article features interviews with Richard Libanan of FRAG Dublin, our own Darragh O’Toole and Conor Scolard, Paul and Mel Carey at HRTA, Tony Geraghty from Eirsoft, and Niel Kenny who was Ms. Reilly’s escort in the playing area in HRTA on the day.

It’s very well written and really throws together everything good about the sport of airsoft.

A great big thanks to Catherine Reilly of Metro Eireann for getting in contact with us and for finally identifying in the media, the very best aspect of the sport – being of course, the community it brings together!

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