New blood, old blood and reinforcements!

By on August 9, 2012

There has been much speculation on the current work and future of the IAA over the past few weeks; real life has had an impact on how effective the short handed committee can be. With these challenges becoming public and some of the current members of the Executive Committee needing to focus on their personal lives, more support is required for the association.

After a public statement outlining the challenges the committee faced, ten people have come forward to offer assistance with the association. This is an amazing injection of support for the IAA but is by no means the end of the requirements, anyone is welcome to get involved and help out.

With Keith Naylor and Patrick Noonan resigning, Alan Elmes and Stephen Fay have been co opted to fill the executive committee positions of Chairman and Vice-Chairman. Alan Elmes is a player of much experience and has represented the sport in the best way at home and abroad. Stephen Fay is a longtime player and was formerly a member of the IAA executive from 2007 – 2009 serving as the legal officer, and was involved in the creation of the Criminal Justice (miscellaneous provisions) act 2009. Due to real world concerns Jamie Malone will be emigrating very soon and will no longer be able to fill his committee position.

Fabio Venturini and Daniel O’Connor have come forward to update the association’s communications and media presence. They will be tasked with taking the IAA into the center of community and sporting information for Airsoft.

Tom Keogh served as treasurer for the 2010-2011 committee and has come forward to assist in modernising the association’s financial systems and processes.

General assistance has been offered from many more people and we will be using it.

The association always needs more help and also the input of different people in the community, please be sure to contact the committee with any feedback, suggestions or offers of support.

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