New IAA Affiliates – Predator Combat Games and South-East Airsofters Club

By on August 5, 2009

The IAA is pleased to announce our two newest affiliates, who joined us over the bank holiday weekend – Predator Combat Games and South-East Airsofters Club.

Predator Combat Games ┬áhas been a favourite destination for Irish Airsofters for quite a while, and has one of the most dedicated and hard-working marshalling teams we’ve seen. Miceal and his crew run a tight ship, and this was shown over the weekend with their Red Hammer event. The site comprises dense woodland, very well-developed bases and a village, and plenty of car parking as well as a fantastically-equipped safe zone. We hope to see more and more Irish players making the (short!) trip to Co. Down and Predator, and look forward to seeing more northern players at sites in the Republic. See our page on playing abroad for information you need for playing in Northern Ireland and for the Predator website.

Predator Certificate PresentationPictured are Miceal Murtagh (PCG), Dave O’Connor (IAA)

For several months now, South-East Airsofters Club has been operating their site, SEACOM, in Wexford. They are one of the many examples of passionate Airsofters that build up their sites and presences from pure love of the sport. This is very clear when you visit their site. The members have an impressive site at their location in Wexford, and are dedicated to continually improving it. The woodland site is on a mountain side, and comprises 11 acres of woodland, with plenty of cover, both natural and constructed of natural materials. You can see their website and forums at

SEA-C Certificate PresentationPictured are Joseph Mullins (SEAC) , Dave O’Connor (IAA)

We’re delighted to see more and more quality venues signing up to our voluntary code of conduct, and becoming IAA affiliates. We rely on the support of our affiliates, and their feedback, to set a direction for how we do things. We’ve got more and more affiliates coming on board over the coming weeks, and this will only improve Airsoft’s reputation as being a sport with a responsible and effective system of self-governance.

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