Result of the Meeting with Charles Flanagan

By on December 3, 2008

The IAA Committee would like to extend its thanks to Fine Gael spokesperson Deputy Charles Flanagan (Justice, Equality and Law Reform) for meeting with our delegation on the 3rd December 2008. In attendance were Ronan Lowe, Sean O’Callaghan, Stephen Fay, Conor Scolard and Tony Geraghty of who kindly stepped in at the last minute to provide a commercial point of view on the issues.

The Committee covered the basics of airsoft, educating Mr Flanagan with a reasonable overview of the sport, the equipment, the community and the issues currently facing it. Mr Flanagan had concerns with regard to the availability of airsoft devices to criminal elements and minors as well as the capabilities of the devices themselves. These were answered with the IAA standard approach to each of these elements.

The Committee presented a copy of the affore mentioned document (published previously) to Mr.Flanagan and explained what we could in the time allowed. The committee also invited him to make contact with regard to any questions he may have.

The minutes of the meeting are here

– Conor

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