Salute! aftermath and thanks

By on September 1, 2009
The Salute! show was held in the National Show Centre in Swords on the 29th and 30th August. The IAA ran an information stand, a shooting range and a mini skirmish site on both days.

First of all, we’d like to thank our volunteers, who gave us their time (some of us their entire weekend!) to promote our sport and introduce it to a whole new audience. This weekend saw thousands of people finding out what airsoft is, seeing it in action and coming away with a new impression of the sport.

Thanks to Tommy, Sam, Neil, other Neil, Gerard, Niall, the Two Richies, Paul, Tony, Ronan, Jason, Spoon, Dan, Paddy, and Bren.

Special thanks also go to our affiliates and friends, who helped out with donations and loaner equipment and offers of help. Thank you to for loaner mags and chargers, Eirsoft for loaner guns for the firing range, Go Tactical for loaner masks and ammo boxes for the skirmish site, Hobby Airsoft and Red Barn Airsoft for loaner guns for the skirmish site, and SE Airsoft for the giant sack of BBs that made the range and skirmish site possible.

Thanks also to our insurance partner, PJT Insurance Services Ltd, for the great deal on the insurance for our mini skirmish site, and Take AIM magazine for allowing us to have copies for sale at our info stand.

A special word of thanks goes to Paul at HRTA, who once again went above and beyond by providing space, tents, electricity, advice and guidance to make sure Airsoft once again took centre stage at Salute.

See you next year!

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