SG Airsoft affiliates with the Irish Airsoft Association

By on June 10, 2014

The Irish Airsoft Association is proud to announce that SG Airsoft located at Unit 10B, Charthouse Business Centre, 157-159 Richmond Road, Fairview, Dublin 3, has become our latest Affiliated Retail partner.

SG Airsoft has been a long time supporter of the I.A.A. and has always worked hard to give back to the airsoft community, so their affiliation is only a continuation of the great efforts they have been making already. They are helping to sponsor the G&G weekend in Fingal Airsoft being held on the 5th & 6th July which just shows how committed they are to giving back to the airsoft community. Having SG Airsoft affiliate with the Irish Airsoft Association has been an extremely positive step forward for the sport and hobby. We hope that the community itself will show its’ support for SG Airsoft by heading over to their Facebook page and liking them and sharing their page out too, better yet, call in and buy something from them or visit them online

As an affiliated I.A.A. retailer, SG Airsoft has willingly agreed to adopt and adhere to the I.A.A.’s code of practice for airsoft retailers. Just some of the main points within the code of practice are as follows:

• To ensure that retailers operate with all trading standards within the current Irish legislation.

• That they do not engage in business practices which may bring the sport of airsoft into disrepute.

• That retailer’s must seek a parent or guardians permission before making an airsoft device available to person’s under the age of 18.

• Affiliated retailers must not provide service, mechanical alteration or enhancement to an airsoft device which causes said individual device to exceed the limitations imposed by the Criminal Justice Act 2006.

In return for their affiliation to the Irish Airsoft Association, they will be listed on the I.A.A. website and Facebook page as an affiliated and recommended retailer, they will receive advertising space on the site and will be allowed to use the I.A.A. YouTube channel (still in production) to promote their business. In return, the I.A.A. will help promote their business when and where ever possible.
Over the coming year, SG Airsoft and the I.A.A. will run various promotions for I.A.A. members, so keep an eye out on the I.A.A. Facebook page and website.

We have another affiliation announcement tomorrow evening, so make sure to check back tomorrow evening too.

Yours sincerely,

The 2014 I.A.A. Committee

Chairman: Graham Reid
Secretary: Kieran Brady
Public Relations Officer: Jim McCarthy
Executive Committee members: John Power, Douglas Roe, Bryan Roche, Philip Garvey

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