IAA Affiliation

There are several steps in becoming an IAA affiliate. This page describes the process in detail.


In order to apply to be an IAA affiliate, the relevant form must be filled out in all cases

In the case of a venue, the following are also required

  • Copy of Insurance policy and certificate
  • Documentation to prove land ownership or permission
    • The lease for the land (if landowner or renter) OR
    • Written permission from the landowner.
  • Documenatation to prove designated First Aid personnel have the correct qualifications

In the case of a club-run venue, the following is also required

  • A compatible club constitution
    • Stipulating that the club is not-for-profit up the the requirements of the Revenue commissioners
    • Including the governance structure
    • Including the fee structure
    • Including a member code of conduct that is compatible with the IAA code of conduct.


If the documentation is in order, the next step will be to arrange a visit from an IAA representative. This may be a committee member, or a trustee who is nominated by the committee. At this inspection, the hard copies and duplicates of all documentation, including the signed application form, are to be handed over.

At this meeting, the premises or venue will be inspected for compliance with IAA Guidelines. These include:

  • Marked Safe Zone separate to game area, or other equivalent arrangements for safe removal of eye protection.
  • Mag-out safety rule while in safe area.
  • Adequate chronograph facilities, used in practice according to the IAA Good Chrono Guide
  • Designated First Aid staff with a recognised and valid qualification, and first aid kit.
  • Parental Permission Slips for minors, including contact details and permission to render first aid
  • A suitable safety briefing given before games commence.
  • Visual inspection that the site does not pose a danger to the public.
  • Any other items that may have been raised previously in relation to the site.

There may be several inspections before the venue or retailer meets the guidelines.


After all paperwork and inspection is in place, the IAA committee will meet and deliberate on the application. A majority vote will be taken on the motion in the meeting. This meeting may occur several weeks after the inspection, depending on timetables for committee meetings.


Where the affiliate is accepted, the affiliate will be contacted and informed after the committee meeting. The affiliate will then be added to the list of affiliates on irishairsoft.ie, added to the affiliate mailing list, and issued with their certificate for display. This will also involve a front page post on the irishairsoft.ie website promoting the affiliate. The affiliate will be given contact details for the IAA committee.


The committee’s decision for rejection of the application and the reasons for it will be clearly explained in writing, with any supporting documentation. The process for appeal will be detailed also, and this will be sent to the applicant. The applicant will have a chance to either appeal the decision, or put right the aspects of the venue or retail premises or mode of operation that gave rise to the rejection. Rejection of IAA affiliation does not disqualify the applicant from applying again at a later date, when the reasons for rejection no longer apply, or have been remedied.