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Howdy all.

It is with great delight that I can announce to you all that the Irish Airsoft Association is now an official body!

This marks the start, for those of us who have toiled over this project for the last 16months, of the realisation of our vision. Our standing as the central authority on the sport of airsoft in Ireland is establishing itself and is reflected in the increasing levels of cross correspondence which we are gaining with the media.

The AGM was a success on the whole (despite the miserable amount of tea and coffee we were served up). There are a couple of issues left outstanding which will be tended to in a second meeting to be conducted not later than the end of January ’08. So for those of you who haven’t yet signed up or couldn’t make the AGM, here’s a chance to be heard on some key issues.

The details of these issues will be discussed in the newly establish IAA EGM section on boards. This section of the forum is only visible to registered IAA members pending the establishment of our own forum here(which may take a while – lots happening).

The results of the voting for the first official IAA committee are as follows:

Chairman: Oisin McGovern (acting) – pending vote suspended until the January meeting (accepting applications)

Vice-chairman: Ronan Lowe

Secretary: David Doyle

PRO: Seán O’Callaghan

Legal Liaison: Stephane Ambrosini

Treasurer: Pending January meeting – (Accepting applications)

Community Liaison/Webmaster: Conor Scolard

As you can see, with the exception of an official vote for the chairperson, the unofficial founding committee has been officially instated. This has come as a great compliment to ourselves for which we thank you all and pledge to continue to represent the sport of airsoft to the very best possible standards.

Yours with great pride,



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