The RTE show and the EGM

By on January 9, 2008

Howdy all,

Right, well the RTE piece literally just went out there now (18.40, Wednesday the 9th) and came off reasonably well despite a few niggles. I’m sure a recording will be available on the RTE website in the coming days, we’ll link to it once it’s up.

The EGM as you all know is this coming Sunday at 1pm in the Central Hotel on Exchequer St. (same place as the AGM) We have the room until 6pm but hopefully won’t be there for that long this time.

The first order of business will be a vote on the big issue, there will be no further debate or argument accepted on the point from either side, you are all well appraised of the situation by now and if you are not then have a look in the private section on boards. We have issues a statement of our stance on the subject on there. Make no mistake that this is an issue which could easily divide the community and is very important so please show up to cast your vote, even if you just do that and then leave that’s fine.

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