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By on November 21, 2008

It appears that the content of an article appearing in the Examiner today contains a few points which have raised concerns within the membership.  We would like to address these by restating our position on the issues.

The IAA mantains, as it has always done, that responsible retail of airsoft devices to adults or to those under adult supervision is the only appropriate course to follow.

The IAA in no way endorses a system wherein private enterprise or concerns such as commercial interests, teams etc have monopoly control over access to the sport i.e. that the pusuit of airsoft as a sport and ownership of airsoft devices should be unrestricted to responsible adults and not contingent on their membership of a club, retailer plan, team or associated body such as the IAA.  Claims to the contrary fly in the face of our aims as stated over the last two years.

The IAA wishes to see legislation brought in by the government to address the issue of airsoft’s unrestricted proliferation in the retail industry by discussion along these lines with those whom such legislation would affect i.e. retailers, players and venues.

The IAA supports and continues to call for the act of bransdishing any device likely to cause offence in a public place (whether it be an airsoft device, a cigarette lighter or water pistol) to be treated as an anti-social behavior offence and for such offences to be prosecuted.

The IAA rejects any call for unreasonable restriction, licensing, personal permits or registration with the authorities with regard to airsoft devices.  We will not accept legislation or restriction bourne out of fear, ignorance or hysteria surrounding devices which have been shown scientifically and legislatively to be harmless.

Finally the IAA would like to reassure its membership that the association represents its members of all levels be they a skirmisher, a retailer, a team member, a venue or a collector and that no one sub group will ever be excluded for the benefit of others by the association.

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