Cat out of the bag as it were…

By on July 25, 2008

Just a quick update on the back of the current activity on boards to let you all know what is going on behind the scenes because it appears from the outside that we have been a little quiet of late.

The committee are currently working on compiling all documentation and producing a set of role-profiles for committee members as well as codifying the procedures for every aspect of the association required at the moment. There is a huge amount of work involved so we thought we would use the relatively quiet period airsoft is in at the moment to get it done in time for the AGM.

There will be a lot of changes to the website and to the way the IAA will be doing business in future with finalised regulations for venues and retailers as well as updated version of the code of conduct and other internal admin stuff.

Yep, it’s boring as a grey picture on a grey wall but it has to get done.

A more pressing issue however is that Acting Chairperson Ronan Lowe and myself, Public Relations Officer Sean O’Callaghan, will not be running for committee position at this years AGM. We decided that by the time the AGM comes around we will have achieved everything we set out to do (and a whole lot more besides) and that it is time to hand over the responsibility of running this train to a new generation of airsofters.

We’re not saying goodbye just yet and will be on hand until December to fulfill all of our duties as required, and always at the other end of a phone call or email thereafter, so lets not get all nostalgic just yet ok?  😉

Have fun guys, see you on the field!

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