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By on September 9, 2008

Congratulations to FRAG Dublin!

On Sunday Ronan (Acting Chair) and Sean (PRO) met with FRAG Dublin, a new airsoft club populated mainly by Philipino ex-patriates when they held there first general assembly.

The IAA would like to extend its warmest thanks and praise to the FRAG group for their hospitality, organisational ability and the characteristic sense of community they share. The IAA would also like to thank the Philipino consul and Paul and Mel Carey of HRTA for their attendence and support of the FRAG group.

It was a great day with some equally great food – particularly the desserts – and we hope to see the folks from FRAG out on the field (and in uniform) again soon.

Sean took a wealth of photos at the meeting and you’ll be able to check them out in the gallery as soon as we can fix a couple of bugs.



  • Threads relating to motions for vote and nominations for committee positions have been opened in the forum, please check them out and read them carefully.
  • A draft of proposals to be submitted to the DoJ is viewable in the forum and discussion of these is encouraged. Affiliate retailers have had these discussed with them and further draft proposals regarding the operation of venues will be made available as soon as they are ready for consumption.
  • The second round of ID cards are due to go out shortly, there have been a few delays due to other commitments such as Salute! Etc and we apologise for the length of time it is taking but please bare with us, we havent forgotten about you.

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