Criminal Justice Bill 2009 Update

By on July 24, 2009
The phasing in of the sections of the Criminal Justice (Miscellaneous provisions) Bill 2009 into Irish law will commence later today. It will begin with section 40. 9(A) 9(B) and 9(C). They will officially become law, although 9(B), requirement for permission to operate a venue where RIF will be used and 9(C) requirement for permission to be a retailer of RIF will not be technically operational. We expect the implementation process for these elements to be finished in later September / October. The IAA were contacted by the Department of Justice today, and will be meeting with the Department to devise a process that will ensure no disruption to the community.

Section 40. 9(A) is the provision making it illegal to brandish a replica firearm in a public place. This section was called for by the IAA and the text of it closely mirrors our submission to the Dáil sub committee on Justice in 2008. The inclusion of a specific offence for producing or carrying in an unsuitable manner a replica imitation firearm is an important step to bring our sport into a more socially acceptable position. The committee hopes people who flaunt this law are prosecuted to its full extent.
Once again we would like to thank the staff of the Department of Justice, Equality and Law Reform for their diligent attention to the issues surrounding our sport. The spirit of co-operation between the IAA and the department that has been on-going since early last year has seen the securing of our sport into the future.
As always the committee is available for your questions and feedback @ [email protected]

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