Irish Airsoft Supplement in Today’s Gazette

By on July 30, 2009

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We’re proud to announce that today’s Gazette newspaper contains a pull-out supplement on Irish Airsoft, featuring articles by community members and advertising by leading Airsoft venues and retailers. We think it looks very well, and hope you can pick up a copy of the newspaper today. See for locations where you can pick up a copy.

This publication in a mainstream newspaper is a massive step forward for the profile of our sport, and is not something we think could have happened even a year ago. Responsible sportsmanship and use of Airsoft equipment is at the core of what makes us able to be in the public eye, and we’re proud of what has been achieved by the community. As Airsoft’s profile is raised in the media and in the public eye in general, we hope that positive, well-produced pieces such as this will outnumber the scaremongering that often plagues our sport.

We’d like to thank everyone who pulled together aticles, contributed photos and gave up their time to make this happen.

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