ohShiBoom BFG – Blank Firing Grenades – Myth Busted

By on May 20, 2014

In response to enquiries we have had about the OhShiBoom BFG (Blank Firing Grenades) product being launched in this country and whether or not it is legally compliant. We have decided to dispel any myth that has surfaced about the product in order to put the airsoft community’s mind at ease.

The BFG on its own is not classed under any Firearm act and is legal to buy over the counter in Ireland or import it from abroad. Only when you place an blank round in the chamber does it fall under Firearms Act 1925 / 1971.

The control systems applied are directed to the ammunition only. The Firearms Act 1925 / 1971 allows use of it, as long as it is met with certain conditions applied by the Local Superintendent to the area.

Those conditions are:

(A) – Land for usage for the BFG, Lease & Usage for Property deemed for Airsoft

(b) – Letter of Authorisation for Airsoft from Local Superintendent

(c) – Director/Owner shall be held solely responsibility for the purchase / storage / issuing and collecting of spent casings

(D) – Safety training to be given to all Club Members allowed to use the device

(e) – Ammo to be stored in a secure location off site, with a limit of 100 rounds to be brought on site at any one time

(f) – All BFG Units to be recorded on site and numbered

(G) – BFG only to be used in Rooms that have being certified for use

Currently, it is our understanding the Sim-Tac Airsoft in Co. Meath is the only airsoft site that has applied and been granted the necessary permission to allow their members use BFGs.

Sim-Tac Airsoft has willingly provided the I.A.A. access to those documents and we are happy to announce that they are completely legally compliant with all regulations laid down by the law.

Any future site that wishes to publicly announce it is compliant with the law in regards to offering the OhShiBoom product, the I.A.A. would be delighted to offer our help in informing the airsoft community that their site is legally compliant with regards to the OhShiBoom product once we can view that necessary paperwork is in order.

I hope this clears up any misinformation that has gone around the community and allows the airsoft community to enjoy this new product, safe in the knowledge that they are not operating outside of the law.

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