Redhills Airsoft the latest affiliate to The Irish Airsoft Association

By on June 15, 2014

Congratulations to Redhills Airsoft located at Knocknagalliagh, Co. Kildare (just outside Newbridge) to be the latest site to be affiliated with the Irish Airsoft Association and have received their I.A.A. Affiliation Certificate.

The I.A.A.’s public relations officer, Jim McCarthy, was invited to Redhills Airsoft last Sunday, 8th June 2014 and was willingly given permission to observe their chronoing procedures, their safety speech and view their documentation ensuring that they are 100% legally compliant with all regulations governing an airsoft site operating in the Republic of Ireland.

Conformation of the following can be confirmed:

• All the documentation was valid and up to date

• That their safety speech was satisfactory before commencement of the games

• That they have a first aider qualified and present on site at all times

• That the chronoing procedures were in accordance with the I.A.A. “Good Chronoing Guide”

• That the safe zone was separated from the playing area and thus deemed safe for the removal of eye protection.

• That a visual inspection of the site did not pose a danger to the public

In return for Redhills Airsoft’s affiliation to the I.A.A. we will in turn list them alongside any existing and any future affiliated sites on both our website and Facebook page as an I.A.A. approved airsoft site with contact details, so that parents and new people to the sport can avail of their services secure in the knowledge that their and/or their children’s safety is not at risk.

Redhills Airsoft will also be permitted to place an advertising banner and logo on the I.A.A. website linking to their website and/or Facebook page and also have use of the I.A.A. YouTube channel for promotional purposes (still under construction).

The I.A.A. will help promote any affiliated site or retailer over the course of the year and in return, like any good partnership, the affiliated sites and retailers will help promote the Irish Airsoft Association and its’ members in return.

It is our hope that the airsoft community here in Ireland will show its’ support for Redhills Airsoft and all future affiliated sites and retailers. So head over to their Facebook page and show your support, better still, visit their site and see how well it is run for yourself.

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