By on July 26, 2012

Dear members, it is with great regret that I must tender my resignation both from the postiion of PRO and from the committee of the Irish Airsoft Association.

Due to work and personal committments I have not been able to devote the proper amount of time and dedication to it over the past number of months and I feel it is better to step aside than only do half a job.

I have appreciated both being part of the IAA team and the opportunities that have been provided to me during my tenure. I did look to delay posting news of my resignation until after the weekend to resolve some logistical issues but circumstances have forced my hand. I will give the Association laptop and printer and other Association items to the Chairman ASAP and I apologise for the inconvenience this move may cause.


Patrick Noonan


The IAA is a volunteer-run organisation who lay down guidelines for retailers, venues and players in order to ensure that the sport continues to grow and is enjoyed in a safe and responsible manner.

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