Statement Regarding MIA’s Withdrawl from Application for Affiliation

By on March 13, 2008

To the Membership,

In an effort to clarify the events and decisions surrounding the withdrawl from MIA (Main Irish Airsoft) for Affiliation with the IAA,
the committee are releasing the following statement. Many members were confused and perplexed at the withdrawl by MIA and the reasons for it. With this in mind the committee agreed that full disclosure on the matter is the best course of action. We understand fully what is in this document and stand by it as per our personal comments at the end.

Below you will find a link to a PDF file and an MP3 audio file – If you cannot view them you can right click and choose “Save As”.

Statement Regarding MIA’s Withdrawl from Application for Affiliation
This file contains the IAA Committee’s Official Statement on the events leading up to the Withdrawl.

Audio Recording of MIA’s example of Airsoft Devices over the Limit
This file contains Derek from MIA’s information regarding the Steyr SSG’s from the AGM.

This is meant purely to inform the members who wish to understand the situation and their elected Committee’s position on the matter.
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Conor Scolard
IAA Community Liaison Officer

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