The Committee 2014 and our First Steps

By on May 11, 2014


After a successful committee meeting this weekend, we are now in a position to roll out our new Affiliation process for sites and retailers in Ireland. This is an exciting step forward for the airsoft community in Ireland.  The goals of the Affiliation process are as follows:

  • To bring a sense of unity to the approach of both sites and retailers towards airsoft for the benefit of the airsoft community.
  • To ensure all affiliated sites and retailers operate within accordance of the laws of the land, have a good code of practice and offer a safe environment of the enjoyment of airsoft.
  • To give the general public easy access to a list of I.A.A. approved and affiliated sites and retailers on both our website and Facebook page.
  • To offer additional benefits to I.A.A. members like discounts at retail outlets and sites across the country and the inclusion to special promotions that our affiliated partners hold throughout the year.

Over the course of the coming weeks and months, the I.A.A. committee members will be in contact with all sites and retailers about becoming affiliated to the I.A.A. For those that wish to become affiliated and meet the criteria to qualify for affiliation, the committee will arrange an on-site visit as part of the approval process.

As you can imagine, this is going to be a busy time for the committee members, so what can our members do to help?

Firstly, we want to increase the number of members in the I.A.A. so that it fairly represents the airsoft community in Ireland. The more members the I.A.A. has, the better it can represent the interests of the airsoft community. Help the committee to help you! Promote the I.A.A. and encourage your fellow airsofters to join the I.A.A. so that we can maintain a solid and secure future for airsoft in Ireland.

Secondly, in the future, recommend the affiliated sites and retailers on our website and Facebook page to people interested in getting involved in airsofting, safe in the knowledge that these affiliated sites and retailers have been vetted for their safety and codes of practice.

Thirdly, encourage your local site or retailer to become affiliated for the betterment of airsoft in Ireland.

Also, the committee members will be visiting sites around the country and looking to enrol new members but remember, new members can always sign up through the website and receive your membership card through the post.

This is the beginning of a new era for the I.A.A. and this year’s committee plans on being proactive in promoting all things airsoft and with the help and support of the fantastic airsoft community here in Ireland, we believe the future of Irish airsoft has never looked so good.


Jim McCarthy

Public Relations Officer

Irish Airsoft Association

About irishairsoft

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