2008 – 2009 Committee


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Conor Scolard ([email protected])


Dave O’Connor ([email protected])

Dave O'Connor

Professional nerd herder (Engineering Manager) for a large multinational for the past 5 years. Plays wherever time and being lazy allows. Recently played G-TAC, The Warehouse, HRTA, MAC, Predator. Berget 7 attendee. Warehouse member and regular. Regular Kit: Multicam or Flecktarn, HK416 of some variety, and either the USP compact or the Gucci tan 1911.


Aidan Quinlivan ([email protected])

20+ years in coatings and chemical industry. Golf has taken a backseat since I discovered the sheer exhilaration of airsoft back at the beginning of ’07.¬† Married to Hazel with 3 children and living in Newbridge, Co Kildare.
I my past I represented Ireland slalom kayaking and although my competition days are over – I still love it.
Loadouts: US woodland/British DPM or multicam (long before the gucci Hawks decided to use it :p). CB is the new multicam!
AEGs; VFC SCAR and 416. Any M4 variant really! Latest addition is the KA556 HOLO ebb.
Sites Played: HRTA, GTAC, Rathbeggan, Red Barn, Predator, Drogheda.
Really want to get to one of the events abroad in ’09.





Legal Advisor

Stephen Fay ([email protected])

Stephen Fay

IT professional by day, amateur lawyer by night. Where do I play? Everywhere I can, Warehouse, HRTA, MAC, Red Barn, Fingal, Predator, Sennybridge when we get the chance. Still looking forward to playing South East, Cork and G-TAC. Preferred kit, G&G M4 & Glock with a side order of MultiCam.
In the past I have represented Ireland for Archery at an international level and spent several years operating my own IT company. For the previous six years I have been working in IT managment for a large software company based in Dublin.

Technical Advisor

Keith Douglas ([email protected])

Keith Douglas

Events Officer

Gareth Neville ([email protected])
Safety/Training Officer

Bernard Lyons ([email protected])

Bernard Lyons

20+ years in IT. ¬†Built and led one of the country’s best medium-sized company Emergency Response Teams in the 1990s. Was one of An Post’s Team Leads for the euro conversion. Getting my Occupational First Aid certificate renewed at the moment.
Most expensive airsoft item: Canadian Para smock in MultiCam.
Favourite camo: Australian DPCU.
Cheapest & most effective camo: British DPM.
To promote the Safety, Health and Welfare of everyone at an Airsoft event.