Unaffiliated site claiming full support of the IAA.

By on August 7, 2008

Howdy all,

There is a new airsoft retailing site online and based in Cork which is claiming to have the full support of the IAA despite not being affiliated and not having applied for affiliation. The site was in contact with us before it’s launch and the proprieters were told in no uncertain terms that the site name “Airguns.ie” would be a huge problem for the community and that we specifically would not back them unless the name was changed.

These issues were brought to our attention when it was reported to us that this site was advertising a device as being above the legal energy limit for playing in Ireland – when contacted about this advertisement, the text was changed almost immediately but the IAA would urge that potential customers of this site beware and request that a written guarantee of compliance with Irish Laws be included before making any purchase from this retailer.

If the site proprieter should come upon this post please note that you most certainly do not have the full support of the IAA on account of both the name of the site and the associtations it draws towards the sport of airsoft, and on account of the questionable legality of your stock as advertised earlier.

You will find a screen shot of the offending text in the attached image.

Site screenshot

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