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By on September 12, 2008

Eirsoft.ie Promotion!

There has never been a better time to join the IAA or to shop for kit! From today Eirsoft.ie will be operating a pilot scheme wherein discounts of up to 10% will be given to all IAA members!

This promotion is open to all customers holding a valid IAA membership (paid and up to date). Also, for those of you who aren’t already Irish Airsoft Association members, Eirsoft will subsidise your membership cost to the tune of €10 when you purchase a pistol, AEG, rifle or shotgun valued at €100 or greater.

Terms & Conditions apply. Details will be made available on the website Eirsoft.ie.

Skirmishing safely!

In light of a few incidents of late we thought it would be prudent to remind everyone to use some common sense when skirmishing.

  1. Never skirmish in public places.

  2. Never skirmish in public places.

  3. Never ever ever skirmish in public places.

If you skirmish or brandish airsoft kit in public (yes – this does include leaving it uncovered on the back seat of your car) you may attract the attention of the authorities. Don’t be macho about this – their guns are real!

The following places should be considered off limits for skirmishing;

  • Coillte or forest land that does not specifically belong to you.

  • Disused or abandoned works such as building sites, quarries, farms or homes.

  • Scrub land that is not privately owned and out of view of the general public.

  • Any place where their is the possibility of the general public wandering into the line of fire or perciving your play as something more intimidating.

Draft proposals for the DOJ!

A draft of proposals to the DoJ can be found in the forum with a thread discussing the various aspects of it (heavy moderation for off-topic and trollish behavior is in force).

You can find the specific thread here.


The threads for this years AGM taking place in December are still open and all paid up members are encouraged to submit articles for discussion and debate now as well as to nominate themselves or others for committee positions.

Election nominations thread

Motions for vote thread

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