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By on September 23, 2008

The deadline for people to put themselves forward as candidates for this years committee is October 1st!

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The deadline for motions for voting is November 12th!

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The IAA Draft Proposals on a solution to the issues posed by airsoft in the republic can be found in this thread and are still being debated.  Your input is encouraged as is any useful discussion.

ID Cards

There is currently a slight delay in issuing ID cards due to a change in provider, we apologise for this delay and are attempting to source a permanent solution.

There have also been a number of issues where people have not received their ID numbers etc due to invalid contact details – if you have sent your details and have not yet received your ID number please email us at [email protected] and we wil do our best to let you know that status of your application.

Some application forms have been received lately with ID documentation that does not meet the standards required.  Please ensure that if you are taking a photocopy that all necessary details are clear in the reproduction.  ID documentation that is not legible or clear (i.e. too bright/dark, over exposed etc) may result in a long delay in processing your membership application.

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